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 Rich and Chris

(beingthegaffer team)

A few years ago a website based on the world’s favourite football manager game, Championship Manager, was launched. That site was ‘Being the Boss’. An online account of one person’s Championship Manager game complete with player profiles, results, match reports and more. The site was designed like any other football club’s site and it proved to be a massive success within the CM community.
The idea evolved into an interactive site where ordinary people, who had an interest in football and CM could become part of the CM game and appeared on the special website. Players could track their progress and make transfer requests, answer questions regarding results etc.After a break for a few years Being the Boss is coming back.

Based on an online game of FM2007 between myself, Richard Jones and my nephew, Chris Davies, we are looking for people who would like to be involved with this game. What we want is people who want to become the players in our fictious teams. The teams will start in the English Conference and will be made up of people who register to play.

Features that could be included:

Transfer requests – registered users can request a transfer. This will be decided by the manager and reflected through the online game. The outcome will be relayed to the player through email and the website/blog.

Contracts – Players will have the chance to view their own thoughts on the contract negotiations.

Positions – Had enough of playing right back or feel you should be on the left? Then why not tell the manager.

Player of the month – We are considering offering a prize to the player who is named
‘Player of the Month/Season’

Player Comments – If a team come in for your player in the game eg Man Utd then you can comment on this. However the manager will have the final say. Again all comments will be displayed on the website/blog.

Pre/Post Match Comments – Come onto the forums and discuss how the team will do or has done. Comments can feature on the websites/blog.

Press Conferences – Any big media stories that break out about your player, transfers, suspentions etc, you will be able to comment on.

While not all these features will effect the actual online game, this will make it all the more real for the players involved.

All players who are not involved with the two clubs will be placed in a pool of free agents where you can track the progress of your players. If your player is signed by a club you can see all the information and keep upto date with what’s going on. The two teams may give a free agent a trial and may even sign him into their team.There will be two individual websites, one for each team plus a site for the free agents. All news items regarding the clubs or players who register will be updated daily. We are also considering getting people to conduct some reports for us and will try and have our own Being the Boss newsletter.So, if you fancy appearing in either team or fancy helping out with this mammoth project then please let us know, without you we cant get this thing started. If you have any siuggestions then let us know. Post comments on this blog or email us at beingtheboss07@yahoo.co.uk.Thanks,Rich & Chris
(the Beingtheboss team)